Frequently Asked Questions

What is DealPiggy? offers you a great way to experience the best of Northwest Arkansas for 50-90% off regular prices! Every day the Deal Piggy will squeal about a new deal that will save you money. Alerts appear each day in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, on, on Twitter, Facebook, and in the inbox of registered users.

How do I subscribe to DealPiggy Emails?
That’s easy, just enter your email address at the top right of this screen, and click the “Subscribe” button! Anyone interested in receiving the best, local, offers, can subscribe to DealPiggy. Subscribe today for events, culture, dining, lifestyle, entertainment, travel, offers and more.

Does it cost anything to subscribe to DealPiggy?
No, simply provide your e-mail address, and DealPiggy will send you e-mails featuring the best offers from select local merchants. Each offer will be unique and have a set price should you decide to purchase it.

Is my confidential information secure with DealPiggy?
Yep. All credit card credit and personal information is always encrypted in our secure, PCI-compliant environment. Industry-standard SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption is always used to protect your purchase information while in transit. NWA DealPiggy websites are constantly scanned and validated to meet security standards on application and network security. All internal security standards, policies, and practices are frequently reviewed and improved based on the most current security practices, ensuring constant, cutting edge customer protection.

How long is each deal available for?
Offers may be available from one day to three weeks. Please note on each offer’s individual landing page it will detail how long it will be available. Offers are available in limited quantities, so may sell out before the time allotted.

Do a certain number of people have to select the deal for it to become available?
No, each deal is available to any individual until it sells out. If there are deals you want to share with friends and family, let them know about it while the deal is still available.

How does DealPiggy select its deals?
DealPiggy works with the best local merchants to bring subscribers the best local deals, services and experiences

How do I purchase a deal?
Find a deal you like and click "BUY". Fill in your payment information and DealPiggy will send you information for obtaining your voucher via email. Your vouchers are always available under the "My Account" link as well. Remember, each offer is only available for a limited time and in limited quantities, so make your purchase before it sells out.

How do I redeem a deal I select from DealPiggy?
Once your payment is processed, you will be sent an email with details on obtaining your voucher. Each voucher will contain redemption instructions. Your vouchers are always available under the "My Account" link as well.

I didn't receive an email with voucher information
You should start by checking the spam folder of your email program. Your vouchers are always available under the "My Account" link. From there you can see you can review your purchase history and print vouchers.

How will this purchase appear on my credit card statement?
A voucher purchased will appear on your credit card statement with “NWAR Deal Piggy” as the merchant name.

Are taxes included when I purchase a voucher?
No. Sales tax will be collected, where applicable, upon redemption by each merchant featured in DealPiggy.

Is gratuity included when I purchase a voucher?
If gratuities are included in the purchase price, this will be made clear on the offer landing page. If not mentioned, gratuities are not included. Please make note of any relevant redemption details and read the fine print carefully.

Can I buy a voucher as a gift for someone else?
Absolutely. Simply check the “Gift" box during checkout and fill in the appropriate information. Your friend will receive an email with the voucher. Make note of any redemption details relating to the particular offer.

Can I combine my deal with other offers or promotions?
No, unless the voucher states otherwise.

What is DealPiggy’s refund policy?
If you have not yet redeemed your voucher and you would like a refund, please contact DealPiggy’s customer service. If you have already redeemed your voucher, and your question relates to the specific product or experience, please contact the merchant. Please note that DealPiggy is not the merchant and is not legally responsible for the products or services offered.

What if a voucher has expired?
Please make note of any redemption details regarding a particular voucher’s expiration. Once a voucher reaches its expiration date, it no longer has its full promotional value, but is still redeemable by the merchant at the purchase price for the length of time required by the laws in your state.

I'd like to contact customer service
We'd be happy to help. The fastest way is to email us via our contact form. You can also leave us a message by calling 866-912-3671, option 2 for customer service. We return calls and respond to emails in the order they are received, Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 5:00PM CST. Please note that our sales team will not be able to help you with customer support related questions so be sure to direct your email or voicemail to customer service.